Ruminations and recipes from a small kitchen in a big city.


What to do with a sweet potato.

Boil a peeled and chopped sweet potato until soft. Mash it, and place it in a mound on a bread board to cool.

Make a crater in the top of the mound and crack an egg into it.

Work in half a cup of flour, a tablespoon of polenta and a finely diced clove of garlic. Press and knead the mixture lightly, adding more flour if necessary until it holds together.

Roll the mixture into cylinders, and slice the cylinders into half inch-thick discs. Place these on a floured board until ready to cook.

Drop the discs into salted, oiled boiling water. Once they rise to the top let them bubble about for thirty seconds then quickly lift out with a slotted spoon. Drain thoroughly before placing them into serving bowls.

Serve with Napoli sauce, or home made pesto and shaved parmesan.