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What do you do in your lunch break?

Here's what I do in mine.

(Note: the AdAge article is almost ten years old; I came across it again by accident when trawling through some old writings. The advertising agency blog is no longer online - I am adapting it into a book. And yes, I still have the same sandwich and three sugars in my coffee.)


Melbourne Girl said...

Lunch is pretty uneventful for me...a coffee and sandwich or snack of some kind. It's after lunch that can get a bit tricky.

Many years ago.. there were times when the sun streamed through the window and hit me while sitting at my desk, I would doze off. It wasn't a food coma, but could be mistaken for one I guess KH

paul kennedy said...

Years ago, I couldn't stay awake at school after lunch. It became a real problem. Later, in the workforce, if someone called an after-lunch meeting, I'd have the same problem ... especially if there was Powerpoint.

Melbourne Girl said...

OMG Powerpoint! Any wonder you were pumping out Z'szzzz