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Two years.

The almost-ill-fated move was October 2005 and it seems like just weeks ago. (Reminder: never move with Max.)

Now, two years down the road, let's take a look around the back garden.

East fence: was totally bare; now all covered in jasmine, two types to make it a little more interesting, and now all in bloom. Throw up a window in the house, and in comes the scent.

South fence: was totally bare, syzygium australe now seven feet tall with a bullet. Look! It has edible berries!

West fence: was totally bare, viburnum hedge now four feet tall and growing.

Lawn central: ornamental pear, ten feet tall. Will provide good summer shade in years to come.

Now let's take a walk down the path, through the side gate and into the front yard, which slopes north directly into the sun. Along the eastern boundary, the weigela I planted as a one-foot shrub is growing strongly and will create a hedge with the older ones already there. They bear masses of deep pink, smallish flowers. The Queen Elizabeth rose, pink, almost crimson, has doubled in four weeks after a particularly savage pruning. QE arrived from the last house in a pot and seemed to suffer dreadfully last summer.

The beds running along the fence and around the house now have a larger retaining wall, allowing for deeper mulching. In and among the shrubs are flowers and vegetables of various types; regular readers will recall mustard and other greens and various herbs and lettuces. Along the front fence remains the hedge of ever-reliable pink-flowered pelargonium. It has been there probably forty years.

It all looks nice right now: around the 'L' of the white house flows green lawn, all bordered by shrubbery of a deeper green and flecked all over with shades of pink. Is there a 'stop' button for gardens?


Ange said...

Sounds like you've done a great job! I'm house hunting now & looking fwd to moving with Chloe & creating a fantastic garden myself which will of course include many herbs & veggies that I can include in my cooking

Anna said...

Oohh, sounds lovely. Now that you've sharpened your skills on your garden, I don't suppose you could head my way...? :-) Moved into my house a year ago, and it was bare clay/dirt. The only difference is now the grass is starting to cover it! Ah, so many unrealised plans... perhaps in another 12 months time.

Congratulations on your garden, it really does sound lovely.

kitchen hand said...

Thanks Ange and Anna - I must say that when we moved in, the gardens back and front, whilst not at all lush, were 'clean slates', well-kept but bare. It made my job much easier - all I had to do was plan and plant. No landscaping or rebuilding.

Red Dirt Mummy said...

It all sounds lovely, especially after the red dirt up here! Any chance of some pics?

kitchen hand said...

I'll post some pictures soon, RDM.