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Anyone know how to peel an egg?

Bought way too much fish, the rest went into a Fisherman's Pie, the 'seafood' version of shepherd's pie.

Flake the leftover cooked fish and add it to the juices and any remaining cooked vegetables from last night's baked fish dinner (see previous post). Make a cheesy white sauce, not too thick, and combine it with the fish, adding plenty of chopped spring (green) onions. Throw in some capers as well, if you have them. Place the mixture in a baking dish.

Meanwhile, boil some eggs, two or three, until just done, then peel them carefully (I have never learned to do this successfully without peeling off parts of the flesh!), slice them in halves (or leave them whole) and lay them in the baking dish along with the fish mixture.

Boil up some potatoes and mash them when done with your usual favourite accompaniments, grated pecorino is nice.

Place it over the fish mixture, top it with some thinly-sliced onion rings and a little paprika and it's ready for the oven.

Serve steaming hot with some white zucchinis (or whichever varieties are available) boiled with a little water, paprika and a tablespoon of butter.

T. had some for lunch the next day at work, microwaving its yummy flavourness until just right.

Someone said, 'What's that smell?'

It's fish. Get over it.

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Bacon said...

To peel a boiled egg....The water needs to be boiling before the eggs go in. Put the eggs in gently, otherwise they may crack.