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Mashed potatoes? Rosella tomato soup?

T. came in one afternoon quite some time ago now (I was at home) and said to me, 'I would like some mashed potatoes right now.'

'That's fine, honey!' I replied. 'Easy! We'll just peel some spuds, set them to boil - and after a while, we'll beat them up with some salt and pepper, maybe a little milk, maybe some olive oil, and you'll have your mashed potatoes! Then we can go out for a run ... or walk the dog!'

'No, you don't understand. I need mashed potatoes RIGHT NOW.'

A few days later, she came in with a similar bizarre request.

'I want a bowl of tomato soup. With a slice of cheese on top. And some toast on the side. And the tomato soup has to be Rosella tomato soup. And I want it RIGHT NOW!'


I suspected. And I was right. And many readers will already have guessed.


We're due late June. God willing, and all going well, Andrew and Erin will have another half-sibling. Along with Matthew.

Canisha, Shanra and Aria will have ... let me think ... an Aunt or Uncle? That cannot be right. But it is. I think.

Gerard, Anne, Lisa, Martin and Joseph will have another nephew or niece.

My mother will have her eleventh grand-child. (While already having six great-grand-children.)

And Natasha, Gerarden, Shawana, Nyen, Alinta and Kiara will have another cousin. And Amali will have ... this is getting harder ... a second cousin? A grand uncle or aunt?

I don't know.

All I know is there's a baby on the way.

Thank you, Patron Saint of Having Babies Later in Life.

If there is one.