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Comments back up.

I'm going with Blogger comments. Haloscan didn't work. Not sure why. Wasn't Haloscan's fault. I think it's because I made such a mess installing the original CommentThis comments way back in 2003, leaving bits of HTML strewn around in the template like straw in a barnyard. Then last week I made it worse, shuffling around bits of code trying to get Haloscan to work. I thought I was on the point of completely wrecking my whole blog. It's moments like those computers get thrown through windows, which is a shame because replacing glass is such a nuisance.

Then Andrew, my computer whiz son, came to the rescue and cleaned it up for me.
Thanks Andrew.


  1. I know you do work with the greyhound rescue, and I am sure you already know about the puppy farm in Ballarat being closed down by the end of June, but I thought I might point you and yours in this direction, just to be sure.

  2. Yay! Comments are back! What would we do without computer-whiz relatives?

  3. Thanks BoPeep and Dr Alice - what would we do indeed. I've no idea.


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