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What I cooked FAST last night.

These days, I'm looking for shortcuts.

Which is good. It's a perfect fit with my inner laziness.

Here's a good shortcut I invented the other night, unless someone else invented it before me.

Creamy lentils.

Take a can of lentils and boil them in their juice. Drain, add two tablespoons of baba ghannouge, a dash of olive oil and a squirt of lemon juice and fold through to a creamy consistency.

That's it. I served it with chicken breast fillets cooked with garlic and a sprinkling of sumac. Nice. And a simple tomato, lettuce and onion salad on the side.


I used Chtaura baba ghannouge - it's available in many of the delis and groceries along Sydney Road. It has a nice, smoky flavour and a genuine home-cooked texture, unlike some commercial baba ghannouges (babas ghannouge?) that look like this and possibly taste like it as well, although I can't be sure, I've never tasted the latter.


  1. Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is baba ghannouge - I have never heard of it.

  2. Kimbofo, eggplant is chargrilled then pureed with sesame paste for an amazing nutty, smoky taste with a creamy texture. Add a little olive oil and lemon juice and it's sublime. I love it with fresh, soft flat bread, crunchy taboule salad and grilled chicken.

  3. That sounds like a fantastic idea for a meal; I can't express my thanks enough. It's just my sort of thing, and almost makes me want to slap myself around the head and wonder why I hadn't thought of it. I have a can of lentils with which I haven't known what to do, and I bought some sumac when in Adelaide last week (it seems to make everything taste good, that stuff). Thanks again.

  4. Wow, you made me look this one up: Sumac. Here in North America our Sumac is poisonous, it was new to me to find it as a spice! now I want to try it!


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