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The glass casserole dish.

Having made a basic bolognese sauce (onions and garlic sauteed in a large pot, mincemeat browned; finely diced celery and carrot, tomato paste and fresh diced tomatoes added; herbs aplenty - basil, a bay leaf, whatever; topped up to the brim with water and maybe some wine if you wish and then left to simmer for hours, scraping the sides occasionally as the fluid evaporates), what to do with the excess?

Cook some rice.

Make a mixture, about two to one cooked rice to bolognese sauce, maybe throw in a little sumac, stuff capsicums or peppers (or whatever they're called in your part of the world) with rice mixture having removed seeds, put their tops back on and place them in a glass casserole dish, preferably close-fitting so that their tops stay on, place some canned diced tomatoes in plenty of juice around the peppers, top the whole shooting match with cheese sauce (that was left over as well - or use breadcrumbs and parmesan or any combination of cheeses), bake.

Peer into the oven in about half an hour and if the fluid is boiling, they should be done. I do like my glass casseroles.


Red peppers are expensive right now, about $10 a kilogram; green ones about $6, but I found some orange ones at $2 a kilogram. So we had the orange ones. I don't care what colour they are.

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neil said...

It's not just the price of capsicum that's through the roof, D. was complaining about the price of all veggies. This year has been a crap growing season, the sister -in-law's garden hasn't produced much, and at our friends farm near Mansfield, they are saying the same thing. They've just sold off half their beautiful organic cow herd... to the feed lot, from there they'll go to Japan.

Nice bol sauce, just the way I like it.