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18,000 kilograms of rice.

72 nations form the Commonwealth. They're all in town for the Commonwealth Games and a guy called David Payne of Delaware North (Australia) got the contract to cook for the athletes.

A story in today's paper (not online) shows what he's ordered for the fourteen days of the Games. As well as the rice, there's 5000 kilograms of pasta, one hundred kilograms of garlic, 1160 kilograms of mushrooms, 6000 loaves of bread and 60,000 lettuces. Sounds like spaghetti alfredo and caesar salad for dinner every night. Just kidding. There's also 25,000 chickens, 50,000 eggs, half a million pieces of fruit and two and one half tonnes of meat (what's a tonne?) coming in.

Up to fifty chefs will be cooking at once. Leave your egos at home, guys. Here's a sample of what's on the menu: for breakfast, kippers, Jamaican porridge and ugali (corn meal mash). Lunch could be boiled boiled coco yam, goat stew, shepherd's pie, lamb korma or okra with tomato gumbo. What's for dinner? Lamb rump with bush tomato, Moroccan couscous salad (Morocco is in the Commonwealth?), vegan agnolotti, ginger pork belly with coriander and chilli or char kway teow. The dining hall seats 2300. You'd get hungry walking up to the bar.

Payne did the Sydney Olympics so the Commonwealth Games should be a piece of cake. Or a walk in the park, whichever you prefer.

Another statistic: they're trucking in a million bottles of bottled water. Why? Melbourne's water is among the world's purest and cleanest.


barrydublin said...

thats a metric ton(tonne) as opposzed to the old imperial systen, like cwt, lbs and ounces?

kitchen hand said...

I'm still not great with metrics, Barry. I'll talk about kilograms and miles in the same sentence.