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Eight months and one week.

My, how he's grown.


Janis Gore said...

Uh hmmm.

You say the boy looks like his mother?

You've done well for yourself, haven't you?

kimbofo said...

He is absolutely gorgeous. :)

kitchen hand said...

Thank you both.

lucette said...

I love that look of 'what's next?'

Ian T. said...

He's a fine looking lad! Enjoy it - every age is good in its own way, and it all flies past so fast, but then you've noticed this already :).

Cupcake Man said...

I can't believe you are cooking and eating children

kitchen hand said...

He's always in a 'what's next' kind of mood, Lucette.

Thanks Ian - enjoying it all over again!

Yes, Cupcake Man, a bit like the opening scenes in Nanny McPhee!

plum said...

Oh he is adorable! And doesn't time just fly by?

The Food Whore said...

That is quite possibly the most adorable face I have ever seen.

Absolutely dreamy.

Lucky mom and dad.

Lucky boy to be so loved and so well fed.