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Cooler weather is around the corner. It's darker earlier and this weekend, days will get dramatically shorter with one whole hour lopped off the end with the conclusion of daylight saving. I don't like the passing of summer. It's too short. And I like heat.

I consoled myself by making a nice big rich hot curry.

If you're making a curry and can't be bothered with hard to find herbs and spices, pre-prepared sauces can help. The more genuine, the better. Like Ferns pickles and curry pastes. They are the real thing. You can find them in Asian food stores and some smaller supermarkets. They're definitely worth searching out.

I bought some Ferns Butter Chicken Curry Paste and followed this easy recipe:

Rich Butter Chicken

Marinate half a kilo of boneless chicken pieces in a teaspoonful of Ferns Butter Chicken Curry Paste and half a cup of yogurt. An hour minimum, overnight is better. Then bake the chicken in a hot oven until done.

While it's baking, melt 50 grams of butter in a heavy pan, add three teaspoonsful of the Ferns paste, fry it for two minutes, add 200ml of tomato puree, a cup of water and a teaspoonful of sugar, bring to the boil and simmer for half an hour. The fat will separate. Watch the liquid level and add more water if necessary. Then add 200ml fresh cream and a teaspoonful of dried fenugreek leaves, also known as kasuri methi. You're done. Simply combine the baked chicken pieces with the sauce and serve with another swirl of cream. Top with coriander, serve with rice or naan.

Actually, it wasn't that hot. I don't suppose it's meant to be but next time I'll throw in a chopped chilli pepper.


lucette said...

This sounds heavenly, even though here, it's getting warmer. We've got crocuses and daffodils, forsythia just started blooming today. But it's still a little chilly, still time to have dinners like this.

Lesley said...

Your curry sounds delish!
I love Summer, but am ready for the cooler weather and the changing colours of the trees. Time to snuggle up with pots of home-made soup and stews and start thinking about making new coats for the dogs.

kitchen hand said...

I just put daffodil bulbs into the ground, Lucette. They should be nodding their heads in the sun by July.

Lesley, I do prefer summer but the soups and stews make the cold days worthwhile.