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Salmon in citrus sauce with a warm vegetable salad on the side.

Saturday at the market. The salmon looks great.

Salmon in citrus sauce.

This is so easy - I just pan-fried the salmon with some butter and the juice of an orange.

To get extra orange flavour, I inverted the orange halves, once squeezed, to expel oil from the skin, and lay them over the salmon while it cooked. The fish takes in some of the fragrant orange oil.

While the fish was cooking, I squeezed some lemon juice over it as well. I didn't turn the fish, I just put the lid on and let it poach. It only took five minutes. Then I put the salmon on the plates, added a little more butter to the juices in the pan, quickly reduced it and poured it over the fish. Add some dill to the sauce if you have it. I didn't, I forgot to buy some and couldn't be bothered going out again. It was delicious enough anyway.

The salad.

Bed of lettuce. Onion rings. Tomato quarters. Walnuts. Thinly sliced apple. Shreds of finely sliced silverbeet. White beans. Olives. Parsley. Over all these, I added a cubed sweet potato and discs of sliced cooked carrot. The sweet potato and carrot were just-cooked and still warm, so you get a delicious aroma when you pour the dressing over: olive oil, lemon, vinegar, salt and pepper.

(This sounds like it has too many ingredients, but it works. It's like a Waldorf with the rest of the fridge thrown in. I derived it from the house salad at the original Baker's in Brunswick Street. They used an amazing dressing based on avocado which was creamy and delicious. I always asked for the recipe but they would never disclose it. I guess I could just throw some ripe avocado into my dressing and it would be something like the original.)

We ate the salmon and warm vegetable salad with a fresh sourdough roll on the side. And a glass of rich, buttery chardonnay that's big enough to stand up to the fish.


There was one piece of salmon left over. That will do for William's lunch tomorrow: some flaked salmon mixed up well with mashed potato, a little olive oil and some full cream milk. This is how we are cooking these days, with William in mind.

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