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Cauliflower soup: what to have on top?

Here's an easy soup for winter.

Saute an onion in oil, then add an entire cauliflower, chopped. Give it a good stir around, then turn the heat way down low and let it sweat for five minutes. Now add a chopped clove of garlic and after a minute or two, four cubed potatoes. Cover the lot with chicken or vegetable stock and add a bay leaf, salt and pepper.

Simmer until everything is nice and tender, then puree half and return it to the pot. Stir some milk through and reheat, without boiling, before serving.

How to garnish? Well you don't have to, but this is how we had our cauliflower soup:

William had his with a little plain yogurt on top.

T. likes cheese so she piled her bowl up with some grated Colby and chopped parsley.

I like a bit of heat so I threw a good tablespoonful of Fern's hot lime pickle into mine. That stuff is fantastic, it has whole sections of pickled lime and the heat is intense so it worked beautifully with the bland, nutty taste of the soup.

We also warmed up a couple of frozen flakey rotis out of the freezer – just because they were there - and had those with our soup. Yum.


neil said...

That sounds to easy and tasty, great that evryone gets to choose their own garnish. BTW where do you get the Fern's products?

kitchen hand said...

Tankeduptaco, the spice shop in Sydney Road just a couple of doors up from Brunswick Road (on the right as you proceed north) or the quaintly named Desi Needs in Waterford Street Coburg (which also does takeaway Biryani every night) each have a good range plus a bunch of other direct imports - sauces, spices, rice varieties and snacks. They're well worth searching out.

Tan said...

I've been lurking up until now, but I love your blog. I'm home sick from work today and needed something comforting so I had a go at making soup from your recipe above. You can check out the finished result at

Thanks for such a yummy recipe! I'm putting this one in my permanent collection :)

kitchen hand said...

Thank you, Tan. Hope you feel better soon!