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Braised chickpeas with spinach.

(This is the kind of thing I make as a side dish and then eat too much of it, so the main course goes back into the fridge for tomorrow.)

Finely slice two onions into half rings and saute them in three tablespoons of olive oil until translucent adding two chopped garlic cloves towards the end (I find the garlic tends to burn even on low heat).

Take the skin of a preserved lemon (i.e. cured in salt and lemon juice) and finely slice it into slivers, adding this to the onions and garlic along with two cups of cooked chickpeas (or a 410g can). Cook five minutes or so and then add half a bunch of spinach, roughly chopped. Cook until the spinach wilts. Add salt and pepper or sumac.

Serving suggestion. Make 'sandwiches' with fresh rounds of Lebanese bread: line the bread strips of chicken or lamb quickly grilled with olive oil and lemon juice, some of the braised chickpeas and spinach, topped with hummus, some yogurt and a squirt of lemon. Roll up and eat.


jo said...

I've been looking for an excuse to try that Sumac I bought awihle back. yum!

Kitchen Queen said...

That sounds quite interesting! I like chickpeas.....but don't know a thing about sumac.

Lesley said...


I'm trying this tomorrow night with grilled lamb back straps. Haven't tried sumac before though. What does it taste like?

Sara said...

I love chickpeas! Sounds tasty.