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Two perfect coffees and garlic seafood on rice.

The sun failed to penetrate the fog at all and it was grey and cold and drippy all day. We piled on coats and scarves and hats and went for lunch at an old favourite coffee shop with my mother and sister and niece and niece's daugher and of course, T. and William.

The coffee shop has been there forever and is toasted-ham-cheese-tomato-sandwich-and-cappucino perfection. Because sometimes you just want a perfect coffee and a perfect toasted sandwich; or in my case, two perfect coffees and two perfect toasted sandwiches.

The usual Saturday lunch crowd was out in force and the place was crammed. Is it only my imagination or is there a new baby boom on? There are prams everywhere you look. Imagine that, another baby boomer generation! Cop that, Generations X, Y and whatever they're up to now (Z? A2?) - you're surrounded by baby boomers!

The afternoon disappeared in the rear view mirror of life and I read too many newspapers full of angst, attitude and trivia. Why do I keep doing this? How many more forests do I really want to kill? I guess the food columns are OK. At least they have pictures.

Speaking of food, I was going to cook fettucine marinara but there was quite a large amount of cooked basmati rice left over so dinner became garlic seafood on basmati rice instead. This often happens. One thing becomes another.

Garlic seafood on rice.

Saute six plump scallops, a dozen large prawns and a piece of your favourite fish (mine is still rockling), cut into large cubes, in olive oil, a quarter cup of white wine and four finely chopped garlic cloves. Immediately add some red pepper chopped into fine dice - about a quarter of a cupful, two chopped spring onions and a chopped chile pepper (I added two - they are from the garden and not very hot. Lid on pan and cook until done, about five minutes, and the fish will still be plump and juicy.

Cook the rice to directions, drain it, mound it in large bowls and serve seafood over it with parsley and cracked pepper.

Delicious. Could have had more chile but that's just me. And the weather.


Sue said...

Sounds just perfect. For me. Right now!

kimbofo said...

Apparantly there is a baby boom on, so you're not imagining it. See this article in The Age last week: