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Home cooking.

We started cooking for William immediately he was ready for solid food. When we tried him with bottled or canned baby food, he refused it and hasn't had it since.

I don't particularly object to store-bought baby food, I'm sure it's nutritious and balanced with vitamins and minerals and will guarantee your baby grows up strong and healthy into a 6'9" Essendon full-forward, even if she is a girl; and has no additives or chemicals and uses only free range chickens and organic vegetables and the label on the jar is recyclable. It's just that it tastes like ... canned baby food.

Now he just eats what we're eating. Meals evolve. The other night we made a basic meat ragu, kind of a bolognese sauce, I suppose: minced pork and veal, canned tomatoes, onion, garlic, parsley, grated carrot, grated celery); and he ate that with some tiny pasta mixed through it - stellini, I think they were. Half the rest of the meat sauce we ate with some quick home-made gnocchi - just the basic strained potato with flour and egg - and the other half was combined with some cooked rice, about one part meat to four parts rice, which I stuffed into three large sweet peppers set into a casserole and covered with a jar of tomato passata and half a cup of water. That was the following night's dinner, baked in a slow oven for an hour or so. I must say it gave off the most delicious aroma while cooking. Peppers always do, no matter what you do with them.


red dirt mummy said...

My daughter is the same. She flat out refuses to eat food that has not been prepared by my hand. She won't even eat the fruit jelly stuff or the custard in a jar. Thank goodness she's not as fussy when it comes to my cooking. Spag bol has become a firm favourite (although not for the clean-up!)

kitchen hand said...

I know what you mean, Red Dirt Mummy. The face clean-up and the kitchen floor clean-up as well as the dishes clean-up!

(How's the red dirt? I haven't been to WA for a long time and I miss it.)