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When I saw this shot of Janis Gore's family, I thought: bring out those old photos.

Here's mine. I'm front and centre, age eight. The two older children are not in the picture; possibly one is behind the camera. The youngest is three years away from being on this earth.

Over to everyone else.


Janis Gore said...

Your picture reminds me that my dad usually wore a hat, because it was the proper thing to do and to protect his bald head.

Janis Gore said...

Anyway, your mom is the slender one after six children.

And this is the one that passes food around at restaurants?

kitchen hand said...

She is indeed, Janis.

kitchen hand said...

And she is rake-thin these days. She never sits down.

Janis Gore said...

My mother ballooned after I grew beyond the chasing stage, I suppose like a prime athlete gone to pot.

She fought weight off thereafter, sometimes successfully.

Her first son was born naturally in a farmhouse with the attendance of a doctor. He weighed twelve pounds.

Perhaps that will make Miss Tracy feel a little better after William.

kitchen hand said...

Wow! A first baby weighing twelve pounds. Life would have seemed easy after that, I imagine.