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Two days ago we were swimming in the sea. Today it snowed.

Well, it's frozen and slippery so it might as well be snow.

Like the car? It's completely original and has over 440,000 kilometres on the clock or whatever that is in miles. The right headlamp guard was taken out by a cockatoo (might have been a galah) early one morning in 2002 on the Northern Highway just south of Elmore and I haven't been able to find another since (the guard, that is - there are still plenty of cockatoos around). I'm thinking of removing the left one to even up the look of the car but let's not rush things.

Here's the front lawn:


Terry Oglesby said...

I think it's kind of rakish--looks like he's winking.

Terry Oglesby said...

Oh, and I just found out from one of your fellow countrymen what caused this odd weather.

Sorry about that. I feel bad that we have him, but we didn't intend for him to go off and bother other people, too.

kitchen hand said...

Tim beat me to it, Terry. I'll post anyway.