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It's 2007. When did that happen?

January 6 was the Epiphany, when wise men take down their gaudy decorations and think about what to do in 2007. Or what not to do.

I'm not wise, but anyway:

1. Read more. This could be self-defeating: the more I find out, the more I realise how little I know. Maybe that should read Read More Selectively, but if you don't know, how can you select?

2. Be less repetitive. With a blog titled What I Cooked Last Night, that could be difficult. I'm a creature of habit.

3. Find more hours in the day. They must be there. Everyone else seems to get everything done.

4. Buy a proper lemon zester. I keep grating my fingers.


Janis Gore said...

We have a zester.

Then we finally coughed up for a microplane.

It's doesn't cut the zest one wants for a martini, but it's good for many of those finger-grating purposes.

kitchen hand said...

I need one of those.

I should have been inspired years ago. My father's timber and brass hand plane was a marvellous machine. The floor of his shed was always littered with delicate curls of paper-thin wood.