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Winter is coming.

Dr O. has retired. I suppose it had to happen. He looked after my two older children since about 1980; and then William and now Thomas this past year or so. I'll miss Dr O.'s wit and his intelligence and his eccentric practice. He never computerised. (Some doctors sit there and tap your disease into a keyboard and print off pages of information about your condition. The hell with that. I want a doctor to talk to me.) I wonder what Dr O. will do with the six thousand wooden toys and three million dog-eared picture books in his waiting room?

Dr O. recommended another practice, which was a relief, because how do you doctor-shop unless you're a doctor yourself?

Thomas cried on and off all night. It's just a cold. William woke on and off all night. He's getting molars. They'll be fine. Tracy and I will yawn our way through the day.

Last night I threw dinner together after we got home from the new doctor.

Vegetables with chick peas, tahini and sesame.

Three large potatoes peeled and chopped into quarters. One large sweet potato peeled and chopped into pieces of a similar size. Boil. After five minutes add: a quartered onion. After another five minutes add: some florets of broccoli, a zucchini chopped into rounds, a sliced red bell pepper and a cup of peas. Boil another five minutes. Drain. Plate. Add a tablespoonful of chickpeas. (Heat them if you wish; I added them, drained, straight from the can.) Chop parsley or coriander and disperse over the vegetables and chickpeas. Now drizzle tahini and shower sesame seeds. Eat.

This is disarmingly delicious and, I don't need to add, extremely healthful. We're coming down with colds as well. I suppose I should have drank orange juice or something with it, but I didn't. I had a glass of red from South Australia: a purplish cabernet blend with overtones of plum. Nice.


Lucy said...

Glad you had some wine too. All those good red wine anti-oxidants can only help you feel better.


I love tahini drizzled on anything. Sounds like a great dish.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Red wine is good for whatever!
When a doctor is really your doctor and knows everybody in the family ... you shouldn't have to give them up but doctors should be able to retire. No good resolution to that one. Hope the new doctor grows into your doc.

kitchen hand said...

You can't beat a good red, Lucy.

HalfCups, the outgoing doctor kindly gave me his phone number - he will still do "freelance" consultations one day a week for long-standing customers like us.