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BruMoCoFo fights back against Big Food.

Recommending imports was pointless when they were so rarely to be found.

Now it is different. BruMoCoFo - as the Sydney Road food precinct is now known (for Brunswick/Moreland/Coburg Food precinct) - now has more spice shops, delis, continental and subcontinental groceries and other interesting food and ingredient outlets than actual mainstream supermarkets.

Which means that that abomination called Chicken Tonight sold in the Safeway/Coles duopoly/cartel/oligopoly now finds itself outnumbered in the district by jars that hold contents slightly closer in nature to actual food than inoffensive coloured glue.

Such as Laziza Tandoori paste. It is sharper and hotter and more intense, with more discernible spice notes than other brands. The label recommends marinating your meat in the paste with yogurt and then adding ghee prior to cooking. The ghee really ramps up the flavour. It's fantastic. I tried it with large sections of barramundi marinated overnight and then baked, and then another time with chicken; and in each case I served it with jasmine rice, fenugreek roti and a little salad of tomato, onion, cucumber and coriander.

Laziza products can be found at Desi Needs in Waterford Street and many other shops in the BruMoCoFo precinct. Who comes up with these names?


Ange said...

I live in the area & have never heard it called that before, seems I am out of touch these days at home with a baby! As for the tandoori paste, sounds delish, will have to search some out myself

Anonymous said...

I live in the area and don't even have the excuse of a baby, Ange, so there you go. But long live the independent food retailers in the area.