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Duelling botanists.

The view looking East from the front porch, 8pm.

"Coastal Moonah Woodland is dominated structurally by Moonah Melaleuca lanceolata subsp. lanceolata. The Moonah trees, which are often twisted into fascinating shapes, range in height from five to ten metres. Canopy cover of the community usually dictates classification by Specht and Specht (1999) as a low open-forest. However, Gillison ... refers to woodland as a ‘structural plant formation usually with a graminoid component, dominated by perennial woody plants over two metres tall which do not have their crowns touching’. As Gillison (1994) points out, this broad definition overlaps the open-woodland, woodland and open-forest definitions of Specht and Specht (1999)."

Thank you.

That white thing is the moon.


Paz said...

What a cool view!


Anna said...

All the botanical-chat aside, that is a lovely picture.

kitchen hand said...

Thank you Paz and Anna. I look at it now in a new light, wondering whether it is a real woodland or not.

Actually, given the amount of development going on down here, the question is academic.

kitchen hand said...
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