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Garden party.

Five days out, the forecast was 21 degrees and fine. Two days out, 24 and fine, with late rain. A day prior and we were looking at 31. On the morning of the garden party for Thomas's first birthday, the Bureau had revised yet again: 34 degrees and windy, with late rain. 34 is getting uncomfortable, but 'windy' can mean anything from ruffled tablecloths to detached roof shingles.

We proceeded, with one eye on the sky and the other on small children climbing under the table. The wind stayed reasonably civilised and cloud cover kept the temperature down to about 32. It was very humid. The air smelled of rain and about one drop hit my head around three. I doubt it would have made it to the ground in any case.

The last guests departed around six.

It was still 27 degrees at midnight. A cool breeze blew through the house early next morning.

Thomas enjoyed his first birthday, thank you very much.


Janis Gore said...


Did Tracy make the filled cake there in the center?

Happy birthday, little boy.

Marie said...

It's amazing how much meaning one can convey with just a few words. Lovely photo as well. So glad that Thomas enjoyed his first birthday!

kitchen hand said...

Yes, Janis; Tracy - shown there on the right holding a rather hot birthday boy - made the sponge cake, light as air and filled with whipped cream and strawberries and decorated with more strawberries, white-chocolate dipped, around the edge. I suppose I shoud post the recipe.

Thank you Marie. Yes, he enjoyed all the attention.

jo said...

Awwww, yay! I love it when we get to see little glimpses.
More importantly, how covered in cake did he get when allowed to sample.

kitchen hand said...

Whipped cream everywhere, Jo!