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Spring cleaning.

Yes, that ti-tree and moonah is nice, but it throws a lot of rubbish, especially as it matures and ages. The beach house is not on an overly large block but I've spent days cleaning up. Several older trunks were rotten and had to come out; the younger ones have thrown down enough junk to pose a hazard come high summer. The foliage and finer twigs dry out, drop off and make a carpet of flammable material; while wind regularly blows down larger branches.

Summers around the world this past year seem to have produced a greater number of particularly disastrous fires, or is it just that I'm more aware of them? Anyway, I'm taking no chances. Rake, rake, rake.

Then there's painting to be done. Sea air is hell on woodwork.


neil said...

Painting is easy, scraping old, flaking paint is not, one missed bit can ruin everything, I know from recent experience. Don't stop scraping 'til it's all gone. Skim coat is brilliant. Good luck!

kitchen hand said...

Thanks, Neil. Yes, I'm scraping. My father used to burn off old paint with one of those old pump-up brass kerosene things that spat fire and looked like a kettle out of Mad Max. I suppose they are no longer 'environment-friendly', but these days what is?

neil said...

I remember those flame guns; lucky I didn't have one though, I'd be looking for a new place to live.