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Moved by cheese.

Thanks to Will Studd, I can eat a rare steak topped with a slice of roquefort. He was the man forced to bury 80 kilograms of the stuff, an event leading to the reversal of the roquefort importation ban.

Mr Studd's new book is entitled Cheese Slices. Review here, courtesy The Age. This would be a perfect Christmas gift. You could read it after Christmas dinner, with the cheese platter and another drink at hand, when everyone else has fallen asleep or gone home.

But you would have to like cheese, of course. Mr Studd does. You can tell by the way he talks:

" ... I learned that Spanish Valdeon blue, which I always thought was matured in caves and wrapped in sycamore leaves, was actually wrapped in plane tree leaves and matured in fridges."

We all have those apocalyptic moments.

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