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Pasta with walnut, olive and capsicum sauce.

Otherwise known as provencale sauce. Enjoyed by vegetarians and carnivores alike, this sauce is robust and spicy and is ideal with long or short pasta. I often pair it with gnocchi. It improves overnight as the rich flavours intermingle.

Set a heavy pan on the slowest of flames. Throw in a couple of dozen halved walnuts, the same number of halved and pitted black olives, a chopped onion, a chopped red pepper, a dozen quartered button mushrooms, half a cup of peas, a chopped red or green chili pepper and a scored clove of garlic. The idea is to give the walnuts a head start on a slight toastiness and then let everything start to sweat before adding fluid.

Now add either a jar of passata or a couple of 425g cans of diced tomatoes, a tablespoonful of pesto and a cup of water. I always rinse the water through the tomato jar or cans to use up every last bit.

Now give it a good turn with a wooden spoon, bring it to a simmer and leave the sauce bubbling slowly for half an hour. Chill and refrigerate overnight; return to a simmer, cook pasta, spoon sauce over pasta and sprinkle parmesan over.


Dr. Alice said...

I know you've posted this one before KH, I haven't yet gotten around to trying it but I promise to do so soon. It sounds delicious.

When I do make it I will let you know my results.

kitchen hand said...

Thanks, Dr. A., it's an old favourite here.

selena said...

made this last night - very tasty, and thanks for the inspiration.