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Christmas party.

I have an invitation to a Christmas party, the theme for which is 'Las Vegas'. Why? I've got no idea, but I do know I can't stand parties with themes. They get in the way of the conversation, like loud music. I went to a party once that had a Hollywood theme. You had to go as a movie. Fortuitously, my next-door-neighbour at the time, an actor with Polyglot Theatre, had a full size shark suit in her shed, and I went as Jaws. No-one knew who I was and I didn't get a thing to eat.

Yes, I know Las Vegas is a city in the United States and I think of gambling and Wayne Newton and flashy buildings.

But do I go dressed as the punter or the floor show?

Or one of the buildings?


Dr. Alice said...

You could go as a slot machine.

Or a hooker. (Oh no wait I did NOT say that.)

Or... hey! A showgirl! With fishnet stockings and feathers... well, maybe not. (I'm not being much help here.)

Wait, I know. Just go as a card dealer, with a green eye shade and little bands around your sleeves. My motto for costume parties is always "wear something comfortable."

Terry Oglesby said...

Oh, come now--obviously as Elvis, 1968 Las Vegas Comeback Version!


Terry O. said...

Oh, wait--I just read the entry and see that it was filmed in Burbank, California.

I guess you'll have to go with the sweaty, white jumpsuit version we all know and love and still see occasionally.

Ange said...

Or you could go as an actual casino!!!

Sorry to have to admit, I love a good theme party & have even hosted a few in my time which always seemed to be my best parties too sad that you may think that is!

kitchen hand said...

All great suggestions, Dr. A. I could borrow ex-Foreign Minister Alexander Downing's fishnets.

Terry, I remember that later concert. Was it Hawaii? It must have been 1972 or thereabouts. There was a helicopter.

Ange, theme parties remind me of the famous Hamlet cigar commercial in which a man dressed as a hen makes a grand entrance to what he thinks is a theme party, only to be confronted with a hundred frozen stares from dinner-suited guests.

lilartist said...

Go dressed as a pimp. Las Vegas has lots and lots of those! PLUS - you'll get to eat! Simply wear some big gold chains around your neck, put on lots of rings, carry you cell phone on your belt, and wear a dress shirt that has only a few buttons done up the from. Finally and leather jacket. It'll be so funny!

neil said...

You could go as James Packer, didn't he just buy Vegas?

kitchen hand said...

Thanks, lilartist.

Neil, Packer is buying everything Murdoch doesn't already own. (Although personally I'd rather own the Wall Street Journal than a casino.)

Becky said...

You could go as Sigfreid with a stuffed tiger attached to your "bloody" arm...or was it Roy? In any case, one of them got attacked by one of their tigers. I think its been enough time to where that could be funny, but then I have a strange sense of humor.

kitchen hand said...

Yes, Becky, I remember that case. Enough time has elapsed although I think it would be funny even a day later.