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'Usually,' began the doctor, carefully feeling Thomas's forearm between his thumb and index finger, 'They bounce.'

But this time, Thomas hadn't. The doctor sent us off for x-rays that revealed a greenstick fracture of the lower forearm.

That was two weeks ago. Thomas adapted to the half cast perfectly well. He wore it like a vambrace, often taking to William with it. An excellent piece of armour indeed.

Food was a problem. Fifteen-month-olds play with it. His bandage was covered in mash after each meal. Then Tracy hit on the brilliant strategy of wrapping it in a plastic bag at mealtimes. As well as at the beach and at bath time.


Janis Gore said...

Starting young, eh?

Poor Thomas. Here's hoping he heals quickly.

Jo said...

AW! His first bragging rights when he gets older. Hope he heals quickly.

Another Outspoken Female said...

Broken bones and summer always seemed to go together in my childhood. A rite of passage atesting to curiousity, adventure and all those normal kind of kid things. Not a cotton-wooled life in front of the telly. Good excuse to hide tahini in his food for some usable calcium :)

...but let's hope this is the only mishap he has to experience!

Dr. Alice said...

A vambrace? Sounds about right for a fifteen-month-old boy, with all those filial duels he undoubtedly has every day. :D

Hope he heals up soon. I think the plastic wrap idea is an excellent one.

breadchick said...

Oh.. Poor little guy. I hope he is back up and at them very soon.

Anne said...

My now 10 y.o. did exactly the same thing at 15 months and broke her left wrist--actually, this is when we knew for sure she was a lefty. I felt very self-conscious taking her out and about with the cast on her arm. They heal amazingly fast, though.

kitchen hand said...

Thanks, Breadchick.

Anne, yes, Thomas' arm has healed fast - the cast is off now and he's as good as new!