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Autumn enters home straight; cold, wet snap hits Melbourne.

It doesn't help that it was 40 degrees six weeks ago. I like autumn. Let's have some. I'm not ready for winter. Where are the balmy days, the golden skies?

I can't control the weather, but I can continue the great Kitchen Hand Grain Clearing Program in which the scores of jars and containers clogging the larder are cleared to make way for winter provisions.

Oh look, here's some brown rice in this jar and wild rice in that one. Both at least least a year old, maybe two. Maybe three.

I took the jar down and thumbed through some old recipe books to find something to do with brown rice. (Maybe I should stockpile it. It might double in value in the time it takes to cook.)

No. That would be avaricious. Let's just cook the stuff.

Wild and brown rice salad with almonds.

Cook half a cup of wild rice (which is apparently not really rice but a seed or grain or something. Who decides these things?) and one cup of brown rice separately until just tender. Drain, rinse under cold water and drain again. Refrigerate to chill before assembling salad.

Bake a quarter cup of slivered almonds on foil until golden.

Chop a tablespoon each of parsley, basil and chives. Combine rices with the chopped herbs, fold through a dressing of up to three tablespoons of light oil mixed with two teaspoons of white wine vinegar. Top with almonds and serve.


Just to be on the safe side, I might slip up to Desi Needs and pick up a ten kilogram sack of best basmati.


Anne said...

Buy your rice stash soon -- the drive toward biofuels is expanding! I don't know whether rice can be converted into something like that but I wouldn't put it past the profiteers to try.

kitchen hand said...

Anne, if biofuels steal the earth's food supplies then we'll have to find a way to eat oil.

Yes, I bought a nice 10-kilogram sack of basmati in a cool zipped reusable bag.