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Fast-fried greens, soup dumplings and the Kevin Borich Express.

Saturday morning means market.

Queen Victoria, Preston, Footscray, farmers'. It doesn't matter.

The buzz of the crowd is a kind of magic music that blows the cobwebs of Friday night into oblivion and, like a drug, masks the memory of the workday week just gone and helps you forget that the longer this day lasts, the sooner Monday comes.

All right, it was a bad week. But it would be a good weekend.


Saturday evening. A glass of chardonnay to get things started.

Into the kitchen. From the market this morning, three bunches of bok choy, a bunch of asparagus chopped into two-inch sections and a dozen whole snow peas.

Into a sizzling pan. The green vegetables cook in minutes over a fast heat with just a splash of sesame oil and the water in which they were rinsed. Turned out onto a serving platter, they sizzle and glisten. The asparagus retains a degree of crunch.

To accompany: prawn soup dumplings, little fat pillows of heavenly flavour with the added tactile bonus of slurpability. Dipping sauces on the side: soy and chili, vinegar and ginger. On a cold Saturday night spent indoors, is there anything better than hot soup dumplings with dipping sauces?


If you are into music, check out Channel 31 at nine o'clock on a Saturday night. Wrokdown (sic) is a goldmine of footage and interviews with musicians from the 60s to the 80s. All without ads, interruptions, station promotions or the kind of inane lowest-common-denominator commentary that makes almost every program on commercial television unwatchable. Hosted by Wendy Stapleton, the program is Channel 31's highest-rating. Last night's subject was Kevin Borich, veteran guitarist and member of various groups including New Zealand's La De Das and the Kevin Borich Express.

An earlier Wrokdown episode - which I missed - featured Bill Putt and Mike Rudd who sound like a couple of garden gnomes, but were actually members of Spectrum, the band responsible for I'll Be Gone.


Look out, Monday's on its way.

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