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Sending coffee; saving theatres.

Last year, I wrote about my friend not being sure whether a proposal would clarify a certain issue. He followed her anyway and is a man of leisure while she carries on life as an academic at a campus somewhere in the USA. Oregon?

They are both coffee addicts. Here, they lived within the shadow - well, maybe the winter shadow, let's not exaggerate - of Brunetti's. Visits were sometimes twice a day. Excessive? Maybe. They are coffee addicts.

My friend emails regularly. He bemoans the lack of coffee of a similar type or standard in the region. I don't know if 'region' means campus, street, suburb, city or state. I haven't been there. I wouldn't know.

I was at Brunetti's one morning last week (I'm less of an addict, maybe twice a week) reading a story about the sad demise of La Mama in The Australian while gazing out across a dripping Faraday Street to the theatre itself. Sad. It is one of the best small theatre spaces of its type in the world.

My coffee came out and I set it in front of me at the bench in the window and took a close-up shot of it. I thought I would email it to my friend to remind him what he was missing. I sent it off, along with a bunch of other shots; family, etc.

My friend emailed back, telling me he had set the coffee photograph as his screen-saver.

Is this helping a friend? Or teasing?


La Mama is raising funds to save itself. Its website is here, with a flash page that is slower than a night of Beckett.

It's worth contributing, if for no other reason than if La Mama goes, another restaurant opens. That's the last thing Lygon Street needs.

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