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All India Radio appearing at Glitch Bar and Cinema.

All India Radio is a music project masterminded by musician Martin Kennedy whose career took a new path when he travelled through the subcontinent recording sounds wherever he went.

The aural harvest this yielded provided the inspiration for a genre of music that could be described as the filtered sound of a billion people and places set to the mesmeric rhythm of a heartbeat and embellished with an assortment of aural textures, sound effects, musical instruments and occasionally, the human voice.

Kennedy has collaborated with Steve Kilbey, Graham Lee of The Triffids and, earlier, Ed Kuepper; and his music is in demand for television and cinema productions worldwide.

How do you describe All India Radio's opus without resorting to the usual 'ambient music' cliche? I don't know, Ennio Morricone meets 2001 A Space Odyssey? Celestial spheres meets the flash and spark of Glamdring? I'll stop there.

All India Radio launches its new album, Fall, at Glitch Bar and Cinema this Saturday 19 July from 9 p.m. Glitch is at 318 St Georges Road, North Fitzroy and is described by filmink as 'The new hub of all things creative in Melbourne'. All India Radio is promising a night of music and film.

Time was when Saturday night entertainment saw music performed live in movie theatres in front of silent films; now the cinema screen is the bit player and the music is the lead.


Dr. Alice said...

I bought "Permanent Evolutions" based on your recommendation and really enjoyed it. I'm going to get "Fall" soon.

kitchen hand said...

Permanent Evolutions is one I don't yet have, Dr. A.

Dr. Alice said...

Sorry, should clarify: your mention of "All India Radio" was what prompted me to try it. I do enjoy their music. I got an email from one of their distributors with samples from "Fall" and it sounds good, too.