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Babe: literally.

A controversial radio commercial currently on air has a three-year-old child speaking the following words:

"I wish it would all stop. I wish I could close my eyes and not wake up. Then I wouldn’t care any more."

An adult voiceover goes on: "It is commonly accepted that a pig has the intelligence of a three-year-old child" and calls for an end to pig farming due to what is described as horrific practices.

Animals Australia describes its ad as ‘hard-hitting’.

You could describe making a child voice words that suggest it wants to die as hard-hitting, and broadcasting such as even more hard-hitting.

However, you could better describe it as dishonest, misleading, repugnant and irresponsible anthropomorphism.

The ultimate – if not ulterior - motive of organisations such as Animals Australia is to stop animal farming altogether. Or to stop the consumption of animal matter altogether.

Creating scenarios that bring to mind the substitution of a child for the pork chop on their plate is not the way to do it.

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