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Five to go on with.

We conclude National Vegetarian Week with five fast (except for the last one) knockout recipes from the Kitchen Hand Official Test Kitchens.

Spiced broad beans with pine nuts.
Saute fresh broad beans with chopped onion, pine nuts, crushed garlic, cumin and coriander seeds, chopped basil and a squeeze of lemon. Serve on basmati rice.

Linguine with avocado and pesto.
Cook some linguine, slice an avocado, toss it all together with pesto and optionally top with shaved parmesan. Delicious.

Asparagus with blue vein cheese.
Quickly boil asparagus and drain, place on plate, sprinkle with crumbled blue vein cheese, capers, cracked pepper and a dash of vinaigrette. Eat with sourdough toast.

Green beans in coriander sauce.
Blanch a few dozen green beans and drain. Grind a teaspoonful of coriander seeds and half that amount of cumin seeds, add these to a quarter cup of vegetable stock, simmer five minutes to reduce then add a tablespoon of olive oil and a little salt and pour over green beans. Shower over plenty of chopped chives. Serve in the crater of a mashed potato volcano. Top with tabasco, chili sauce or chopped fresh chili.

Lasagne with pumpkin ricotta mash.
Mash roasted pumpkin with ricotta and place a layer of this mixture in a baking dish. Add a layer of cooked lasagne sheets, then one of diced tomatoes combined with leek sauteed with a little garlic. Repeat the first step until the pumpkin mash, lasagne sheets or diced tomato leek mixture have run out, or you have almost reached the top of the baking dish; whichever occurs first. Now add a final layer of tomato mixed with steamed silverbeet or spinach, and top with optional cheese sauce. Bake until aroma overcomes you. Drink with a bold red wine, maybe a 14%-er from Lauriston's Virgin Hills.


Anne said...

Yum. Now, do you have any suggestions for piles of green tomatoes, hastily rescued before the first frost?

kitchen hand said...

Green tomato pickles, Anne. We made a batch from a similar crop a few years ago and they were fantastic. Ate them on everything. Heaps of recipes available online but try this one.