Ruminations and recipes from a small kitchen in a big city.


2008: the year in pictures.

(UPDATED 1/1/09; more pictures added)


Australian Open: tennis on the lawn.


Forty celsius: herbs and succulents baking in late afternoon heat.


Mystery dish: Lasagne? Moussaka? Sweet potato layered with cheese sauce? Can’t remember. But the green thing in the middle is a basil leaf.


Instant circus: elephants dance on cans of peppers and beans.

Crescent moon: brittle sky on a cold late autumn evening, as seen from Merri Creek trail (moon right of centre, barely visible - click to enlarge).


Apprentice chef: Thomas with saucepans.

Downpour: Lygon Street in flood.


Birthday: William turns three.

Winter fun: Thomas reinvents library steps; clears shelves in search of favourite book. Mr Horse unimpressed.


Winter sun: lunch at Blairgowrie café: Tracy's hand and coffee obscured by giant cake serving.


Surf's up: early afternoon on a freezing Portsea ocean beach.


Snack time: two boys in a chair; Mr Owl looks on.

Storm: waves batter Point Lonsdale sea wall as obscured cargo ships heave across a spumy horizon.


Thomas turns two: chocolate sponge filled and topped with cream, strawberries and grated chocolate, a Tracy specialty.


From the Kitchen Hand observatory: stormy dusk in late spring.

Accurate to the day: the Travelling Poppies bloom without fail on November 11.


The week before Christmas: Thomas and pasta primavera.


Janis Gore said...

Must say again, that Thomas looks ready for trouble.

Happy New Year, Australian link!

breadchick said...

Happy New Year to you and your lovely family.

kitchen hand said...

Yes, Janis - Thomas is always ready for trouble. Happy New Year to you, and to you, Breadchick.

jo said...

Happy new year, a belated Happy Christmas and boy does that little boy look seriously happy awash in pasta!

kitchen hand said...

Happy New Year, Jo. Yes, he enjoys his food.

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