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Slice of lemon required.

45.1 a couple of hours ago. 44-point-something yesterday. (At this scale of heat the points are about as significant as a matchstick thrown into an inferno.) This stretch of 40 degree-plus days is unprecedented in Melbourne weather records.

Fires are burning near Mirboo North. (There is no Mirboo.) I drove through that district just last week on the way to my sister's property in Toora, taking a short-cut through dense forest up to Mt Best overlooking Wilson's Promontory.

Shade, gin and tonic, an old book, yesterday's newspapers and light food. How else do you cope? 37 tomorrow. Where's that lemon?


jo said...

Would it help if you knew there was a two inch thick coating of ice on our driveway and no sign of a thaw anytime soon. the snow pack is 2 months old now and the squirrels act like prairie dogs digging tunnels in the garden to find old seed left from last summer. Occasionally a head pops up to look quick..left, right, left, right, and then back down into the tunnel they go.

kitchen hand said...

Sounds like something out of Beatrix Potter, Jo: "Who's been digging up my nuts?"

kimbofo said...

My dad was fighting that fire -- he's a CFA volunteer.

Meanwhile, here in London, we've had 8 inches of snow!!

kitchen hand said...

Kimbofo, I hope your dad is safe. (I still find it hard to grasp the fact that putting out major fires is left to unpaid volunteers. Recently I noticed CFA and SES volunteers shaking tins on street corners to try and fund themselves.)