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Send bees.

1.6 billion bees - 120 semi-trailer loads - required urgently or we don't eat almonds.

"We have just a two-week window to get the hives and have them in place when the trees bloom next month," he said yesterday.
The numbers are staggering: 52,000 hives, each containing 30,000 bees; to pollinate 12,000 almond trees grown by 7,000 growers producing a $100 million crop.

Many of the trees border the Murray Valley Highway from Boundary Bend to Robinvale, probably my favourite drive ever; Murray River to one side, seemingly endless almond groves to the other. Further north the almonds give way to red soil and orange trees and beyond that, Mildura; and then nothing but vast emptiness and interstate trucks.


kimbofo said...

This whole bee problem has me worried. Bees are dying out all over the world.

More here:

kitchen hand said...

Interesting, Kimbofo. I'm doing my bit by planting flowering species (amidst an epidemic of polished rocks, water features and cordyline). There were bees all over my winter-flowering viburnum this afternoon.

I also wonder why our summer outdoor eveningss are being ruined by European wasps.