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Potato salad with Rolls-Royces.

Nice tomatoes are coming in. A nice tomato is to a tasteless tomato what a Rolls-Royce is to a Trabant. Probably more so. At least you can do something with a Trabant - there was one at the motor club show day at Flemington earlier this year. But bad tomatoes are completely useless. You can't even make sauce out of them.

Take a nice tomato and combine it with a good, waxy potato and you are looking at a great meal.

Warm potato and asparagus salad, Greek-style.

The Greek part is the feta that tops this salad. The rest I made up.

Peel, quarter (if small to medium - or the equivalent word for six or eight, up to 'decimate', if large or very large; a robust bite size is required) and boil a kilogram of potatoes.

Take 500g of ripe, red tomatoes and chop to the above rule. Cherries in half, monsters sliced and diced. Be sure to capture all the juice and seeds.

Chop half a red pepper into small tiles.

Chop a piece of feta the size of an audio cassette case (remember?) into half-inch or larger cubes.

Chop half an onion into smallish segments. Use the whole onion if you like a lot of onion. I like a lot of onion.

Inch the asparagus. Drop the inches into boiling water, rescue after two minutes when they are bright green but haven't started to shrink yet. Drain.

Drain potatoes and immediately top with just-drained asparagus and the tomatoes and onion. Add a dozen or more black olives.

Feta on top. Drizzle good olive oil. Squeeze lemon juice. Scatter dried oregano and fresh chopped parsley.

The hot vegetables warm the tomato juice and the onion and the olive oil and the lemon juice, creating an irresistible aroma.

Serve with buttered fresh crusty bread. In the back seat of the Rolls.


paula said...

perhaps then a nice tomato is to a tasteless tomato was a rolls royce is to a leyland p76?

kitchen hand said...

Indeed, Paula. Or even another product from the same stable, the Leyland Marina, a car which was reputedly named thus because every one of them should have been driven off one.