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Agapanthus wary of heat.

Early November rain preceded the two-week heatwave, then there was more heavy rain. No wonder the new agapanthus shoots are confused. Several drooped mid-shoot (heatwave) and then shot up again (rain).

They are out there right now in the December breeze waving their misshapen spikes like cursive 'n's.

The droop point on several spikes has borne a floweret. I'll keep an eye on them.

They are obviously paying close attention to the weather following last year's heat - the first time I recall agapanthus being severely scorched.


White Dove said...

Agapanthus doesn't do well up our way in the heat although I do get the occasional tired looking bloom....(aren't they now regarded as a noxious weed down your way?) though how anything as beautiful could be so regarded beats me)

Re the lentil rice dish. It made sooooo much for the two of us that today I'm thinking arancini balls
with a tossed green salad....OK?

White Dove said...

Still on the rice/lentil combo....bought some beautiful portobello mushies today, just so meaty. Thinking about filling their luscious flesh with the remains and baking them....nice!

Melbourne Girl said...

KH, our agapanthus really suffered last Summer. The first time I've ever seen them get so affected by the heat and lack of water. Their poor white flowers and long green leaves turned brown. They still look a little sad

kitchen hand said...

WD, yes they are class noxious down here. I took one to my environmentally-aware sister's Gippsland home once and she nearly called the police. I was amused last year by enviro-councils telling everyone on one hand to stop watering and on the other to pull out their droughtproof agas. So confusing being politically correct. (Arancini balls sound great, also mushroom idea.)

Lesley, entire rows of them were ragged - the one up and down St Georges Road was a mess for months. They'll come back this year. The water in the last month should see them do OK right through summer even if it's dry from now on.