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Extreme bureaucrat danger.

They decided, after due deliberation, to scrap the old perfectly functional fire danger indicators outside country towns.

In a brilliant exposition of the internal workings of a bureaucrat's mind, the new signs do not actually tell you the day's fire danger rating. Instead, they direct you to a website.

I'm driving through the country and I want to know if I'm going to get fried or not. Great. Where's the internet cafe?

Today is the season's first fire danger day, with an expected top of 39 celsius. The website crashed.


Melbourne Girl said...

KH, I am absolutely horrified with the way this whole new fire danger warning system has "evolved" or not. We had a perfectly good warning system but instead of just adding one more to declare it was a code red day, instead they've fixed something that wasn't necessarily broke!

The sound we'll soon hear coming from country towns is pedal powered generators and residents yelling out "keep peddling, I've almost downloaded the CFA' website, oh wait, it's crashed again".

kitchen hand said...

Indeed, Lesley. The wording of the warning thing is straight out of Spring Street.