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Up Around the Bend.

That's what happens when you hit publish post instead of save, complete with typos. Does anyone else write like that? Here's the rest of it.


It was Saturday morning and Off the Record was on the radio and I was painting again and the sun was shining and the announcer was talking about Independent Record Store Day. I'm not sure if that was the official United Nations Independent Record Store Day or just a bunch of Melbourne music enthusiasts getting together to promote themselves. Probably the latter. The UN is too busy.

The announcer, not Brian Wise this week, played what he described as a 'promotional floppy disk' which had been a freebie in a 1972 issue of New Musical Express. The disk was a compilation of track selections from a new album by the Rolling Stones, Exile on Main Street. He played the disk and it was full of crackles and hisses and it sounded fantastic.

It got me thinking about the record stores I have visited over the years and in particular the record store from which I purchased my first record. That would have been the store known only by its street number: 100 Puckle Street, Moonee Ponds. It was a barn of a place that sold stationery and other items and there was a huge recorded music section near the front window that drew music lovers, mainly teenagers as I remember, from suburbs around. The first LP I brought home from 100 Puckle Street was Cosmo's Factory, a piece of vinyl packed with fat, swampy bass and soaring lead and slide that nearly blew the roof off the house when I mischievously I switched it on at full volume when half the house was still asleep one Sunday morning. "There's a place up ahead and I'm goin' ..."

My brother and I had long debates about which Creedence Clearwater record was the better - his Willy and the Poor Boys or my Cosmo's Factory. We could never decide so we had to keep playing them in turn.

Where did you buy your first record?


TracyB said...

Apparently it was international record store day and there were all sorts of things happening including bands I'd never heard of releasing a new single exclusively on vinyl (1000 copies only!!!). Sadly the little record shop in the shopping centre I work in shut down a few months ago.

kitchen hand said...

Shame about that, TracyB. A lot more little record stores to close, I imagine.