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Building the Education Revolution: first, spend billions on libraries, then throw out the books:

ENGLISH teachers have questioned the value of a stand-alone literature course in the national curriculum for years 11 and 12 in an "increasingly media-driven and digital society".
They could give up on literature and teach jargon instead. They are very good at it:

"Key considerations will focus on whether, in an increasingly media-driven and digital society, a stand-alone literature course is the most appropriate focus for the final two years of formal school study and indeed whether the suite of courses proposed is sufficiently forward looking," the association says.
"Sufficiently forward looking"? With language like that, they shouldn't even be in the classroom.

ETANSW executive officer Eva Gold said the English courses "tend to privilege print medium" over digital and multi-media texts.
Never let a 14-line sonnet get in the way of a 140-character tweet.

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