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Old photographs: #3 in a series.

World bantamweight boxing champion Lionel Rose photographed by my father at the 1971 combined Mercy Sports, Arden Street oval, 1971, at which two of my sisters were competing. Rose is pictured with Mother Superior who is holding a sports program wrapped around an aluminium baton. Was she contemplating running an anchor leg of the 4 x 100?

A well-dressed boxer engaging in polite conversation with nuns at a catholic schoolgirls' sportsday?

Yes, it was a long time ago. These days the boxers wear the hoods.


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Anthony said...

Good God. I was bussed across to Mercy in the late 1970s for compulsory ballroom dancing once a week. 'Mercy moles' we graciously referred to the girls, whilst on account of our educational plumage we in turn were called 'Purple poofters'. Ah, the sweet courtesies of youth.

kitchen hand said...

Ballroom dancing should still be compulsory, Anthony. Greatest introduction to manners between the sexes ever invented.

(Purple? St Joseph's Pascoe Vale?)

kimbofo said...

That is such a wonderful photograph!

Hadn't realised how devishly handsome Mr Rose was!