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Tomorrow, I'll go out for coffee.

The first of spring, it rained most of the day. At lunchtime I walked from Collins Street up narrow Church Lane, where noodle shops and tiny cafes gaze at each across cobblestones. Water was escaping from an ancient round iron manhole cover and running across the stones. Umbrellas collided apologetically, and smokers banished to the wet street huddled into shop windows and shielded their cigarettes from the rain and the sanctimonious. I crossed Little Bourke where Church Lane becomes Church Street, because it is wider, and runs behind the AMP plaza, a 1969 tribute to rake-angled brown marble and corporate sculpture. The buildings and plaza were completely encased in demolishers’ hessian, like a Cristo installation. Is it coming down or being ‘renovated’? And what have they done with Clement Meadmore's Awakening?

Don’t know. I got a sandwich - chicken, avocado, tomato and cheese on sourdough - from the food plaza in Bourke near King Street and went back to the office.

Later, wanting coffee, I noticed a sign in the common kitchen: Do Not Use Tea Towel to Wipe Floor or Other Unhygenic (sic) Surfaces. Use Paper Towels Below Sink. Thank You! There were no paper towels below the sink.

I’m only here for a week.


Dr. Alice said...

I would think observing office politics in these different gigs would have good entertainment value... but perhaps it all boils down to the same thing.

kitchen hand said...

Dr. A., the office politics and the prevailing culture are the two things that are immensely entertaining. Some places have a culture of mutual respect and a grown-up sense of responsibility, while others have notices plastered everywhere displaying messages more suited to a dictatorship. And no milk in the 'fridge.

Spencer @ Moo-Lolly-Bar said...

Great blog. Well written and quite engaging. Keep it going.