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What comes out of a cow and isn't something that churns into butter?

The Heart Foundation is stressing about a rise in butter sales thanks apparently to Junior Masterchef.

Relax, Mr Heart Foundation. Stress is bad for your health. It gives you heart attacks.

Aside from that, don't they realise that that 9.3% rise in butter sales means more people are going to the supermarket to fetch ingredients to cook their own meals? With completely natural products? Would they rather people phoned out for pizza and burgers? That would really give them a coronary. But no; cooking at home instead of ordering takeout is a big health hazard if that toxic substance, butter, is involved:
Heart Foundation healthy weight director Susan Anderson said MasterChef "does certainly seem to be contributing" to the problem. "When we ask people what's the reason for using butter, they say it's because that's what the recipe says," Ms Anderson said. "It would be great to see leading chefs use margarine in their recipes."
What the hell is a 'healthy weight director'? And by the way, there wouldn't be an agenda here with margarine, would there? From the purer-than-pure Heart Foundation's own site:

Flora Buttery. New and improved Flora Buttery will melt your heart. Churned with real buttermilk, you’ll find the rich buttery taste ... simply irresistible.


Make a healthier choice for your family – Did you know you can remove up to 2.85kg of saturated fat from your diet in one year by replacing butter with a healthier plant based spread such as Heart Foundation Tick approved MeadowLea?


Add flavour to salads and sandwiches the healthier way and use Tick approved Praise Traditional Mayonaisse.

'Mayonaisse'? And that was their 'Product of the Month'. The Heart Foundation is a marketing organisation. Big Margarine and Big 'Mayonaisse' are paying them to promote their products over valid competitors under the guise of a reputable government health authority. But the 'healthy weight director' doesn't tell you that in her juvenile press releases.

That's Big Brother tactics. Buy butter and save a cow.

And to hell with the Heart Foundation.


White Dove said...

Good on you KH ! We are a low fat couple, fresh foods in abundance, no takeaways, lots of seeds and grains and pulses, our own garden herbs & vegs.....but when it comes to a spread for our home baked bread, it has to be butter. Nothing tastes better than butter, and a little dot of it on our veggies and a squeeze of lemon juice sometimes goes thru to the keeper. What the needs to be enjoyable !

kitchen hand said...

Exactly right, White Dove. And imagine a maitre'd steak with Flora Light.

Kat (Spatula, Spoon and Saturday) said...


The Heart Foundation is just getting ridiculous with endorsing (for money) all these unnatural, artificial products.

I stopped buying anything with their stupid tick ages ago. Actually, maybe I never have.

kitchen hand said...

Exactly, Kat. (Remember when they wanted to sue Coles because they thought the Coles tick was too like their own? Ridiculous.)