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Cabbages and kings.

The snow peas are still popping out, the last cos lettuce went into a Caesar salad last week, and I've just picked the last red cabbage. Ten of them sat in the front row of the vegetable garden, a straight line of perfect round purple balls wearing large bluish outer leaf collars, like Elizabethan royalty sitting up at a long table. We gave some away and ate the rest. Much went into salads; I cubed some of it and boiled it and served it on platters of gado gado and similar hot-and-cold dishes featuring peanut or chili sauce variants. The leaves are densely packed and they stay together well when cubed. Of course, you can just boil the stuff and eat it in the ordinary way. Or try this:

Red cabbage and onions.

There's a million variations on this dish, but this version was easy and good.

In a heavy pan, fry a couple of chopped medium size onions in ghee. Cut a red cabbage in two. Shred one half and add it to the pan. Stir gently to coat in ghee, then turn heat way down and add a dash of red wine vinegar, half-to-one cup of apple juice and a pinch of salt and pepper. (Vary the fluid according to the size of your cabbage.) Cook 30 minutes, stirring occasionally, reducing a little. When done, top with sour cream and serve alongside pork sausage and plain boiled potatoes. And cold beer.


paula said...

ooooh, colour, i like it.

kitchen hand said...

I liked it too, Paula, but the new template changed my post author name from 'kitchen hand' to 'writer', the name I was posting to an old work blog and which blogger now presumes I want on all my blogs.

Have reverted to original template to find problem. Anyone have any ideas, let me know.

A Melbourne Girl said...

No ideas on that front KH, but I've had some mighty problems signing into Blogger as well as, at times, not being able to leave comments. This is my fifth attempt to leave a comment here. Not sure if it's me or the changes that have been implemented.

kitchen hand said...

Lesley, I was also having problems signing in a while back. I think blogger is basically going to explode one day due to all the text we have been stuffing into it over the years! Maybe the entire internet.

jo said...

Love the new look! We've been on a cabbage kick lately. Simon Hopkinson waxed lyrical and lamented the lack of plainly cooked cabbage in More Roast Chicken. Simply put, blanched, drained, sliced, tossed in a pan with as much butter as you dare(his words not mine)nd then season liberally with salt and loads of white pepper. I normally steer clear of white pepper, but it is absolutely spot on with this. Husband loved it. A few weekends later in Maine a too high burner and a lack of attention caused caramelized cabbage. That was even better!

kitchen hand said...

My mother used to regularly cook up a whole pot of the stuff into a well-boiled translucent chartreuse green colour and with that endearing squeaky texture and nutty flavour. We'd eat it as second helpings.