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Decision reached after 47-year deliberation.

I started thinking about this in about 1963, or around the time car model names started ending in '-a' (e.g. Falcon Futura, Vauxhall Viva, Toyota Tiara); and I have made a decision.

The Rolling Stones were better than the Beatles.

Your indignation, concurrence, outrage, praise, fury, shock, abuse, favourite songs, sightings, anecdotes etc etc in comments below.


paula said...

i agree. i admire your thorough approach and long range research, but i decided as soon as i heard midnight rambler. welcome aboard.

Ian T. said...

Definitely The Beatles for me - they sum up everything great about rock music and all its styles in one band of singer/songwriters.

The Stones have their moments, but I could never get past the non-official inclusion of founding member Ian Stewart, who was vital to their sound right up until 1985 - the bits I like tend to be largely to do with his work in the band.

Also, the whole swaggering "lead singer" thing has never done much for me - great as Mick is - it has nothing to do with the creative work of musicians.

The thing that really finished them off for me was the greed of suing The Verve over a riff they didn't even create, and getting all the royalties for "Bittersweet Symphony" - that really leaves a bad taste among most musicians familiar with the case.

Janis Gore said...

The Beatles at their best are stoner music and the Rolling Stones are rock.

I'd rather drive to the Stones.

joh said...

I am able to divide my brain and enjoy both equally. But if pressed to choose a catalog for a desert island...the Beatles would win.

Lindie said...

Neither for me! I grew up in the early 60s and just like the old rock! Or country, jazz, or actually anything except rap! Right now I am enjoying an Celtic group, the Celtic Thunder!

Barbara said...

Beatles for me, I'm afraid. I find the Stones a bit obnoxious, but I do like some of their songs.

breadchick said...

Stones all the way! Always have been and always will be kings of rock.