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Duelling bands: a timeline. The first eleven years.

1964 The first sung words of my younger sister, born the previous year, are 'yeah yeah yeah', from the Beatles’ She Loves You. Father brings home plastic Beatle mop-top imitation wigs, a giveaway at Golden Fleece service stations (or were they?). They resemble punctured black soccer balls with a section missing.

1967 The battle begins in earnest. My older brother purchases the Rolling Stones' Ruby Tuesday single with Let's Spend the Night Together on the B side. Neither mother nor father impressed with lyrics of latter song. Older sister trumps with the Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Ten-year-old Kitchen Hand doesn't buy into the debate, considering Tom Jones' Green, Green Grass of Home to be the vocal performance of the year.

1968 Older sister triumphantly brings home the Beatles’ double white album. Travelling to a cub camp in the family car one day, I boldly turn the car radio to full volume when a newly-released song comes on. 'I met a gin-soaked bar room queen in Memphis ...' My father snaps the radio off and corrects his steering on a sharp bend.

1969 My older brother gets Abbey Road for Christmas. I get Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel. How did they decide? Had I walked around the house that year singing Sounds of Silence?

1971 John Lennon releases Imagine. The Rolling Stones release Exile on Main Street. Take your pick.

1973 The Rolling Stones in Melbourne, playing Kooyong one sweltering never-to-be-forgotten day in January. Paul McCartney releases Helen Wheels. George Harrison does his own Imagine with Give Me Love (... give me love, give me peace on Earth ...). I preferred Harrison's. It was less sanctimonious.

1975 Music died this year, the moment symbolised by Barry Manilow murdering a perfectly good Scott English original, renaming it Mandy. Mush. Disco in full swing, if you can call it that. Paul McCartney and Wings play Melbourne at the Myer Music Bowl. I attend, half-pretending it will more than 25% of a Beatles concert and come away knowing it was much less. My father buys a Barry Manilow record. I leave home.


Barbara said...

I'm with your sisters. My current favorite is Dig A Pony. I've been unable to get it out of my head for weeks.

kitchen hand said...

Now I can't get it out of mine either, Barbara!