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What happened to 'good morning'?

People used to approach me in the street with a loud greeting and a smile and I would open my mouth to answer them, and then they would walk straight past me and I would realise they were talking on phones connected by wires to their ears.

Then I would shut my mouth and determine not to be fooled again by such an obvious if unintended trick. But I always was.

Now it's different. No-one looks at you any more because they're walking down the street with their heads down, gazing into 'apps', a word I don't like.


A Melbourne Girl said...

Couldn't agree more KH!!

I can't stand it. How many more darn electronic gadgets are going to be sold to us as vital to get us through our day before people start realising they're actually keeping us from REAL people.

...and apps...ugghh!

kitchen hand said...

Indeed, AMG. It was once believed that computers would become more human - I've often believed the reverse: that humans would eventually come to resemble computers, bristling with processing technology.