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Newspaper seller dies.

The daily circulation of the Australian Financial Review is 75,000. How many of those were sold by one of my favourite columnists, Peter Ruehl, who died on Monday? I always turned to his column first and then threw the thing across the room.

While we're taking potshots at newspapers, the dreadful Herald Sun today reports Ruehl's death without acknowledging that it carried his columns for some years.

Pour a gin and tonic, crank up The Boss and toast the memory of a great writer who kept us laughing.


White Dove said...

Shocked to hear of Peter Ruehl's death...always read his ripostes with delight in The Australian...then lost touch when he went back to Washington and then to the Financial Review...he will be missed .....

kitchen hand said...

I'm not aware of anyone else with his ability to use metaphor from popular culture to lambaste the idiocies of bureaucracy and politics while painting lyrical portraits of family life laced with acerbic wise cracks along the lines of kids' parties being hell until the eighth gin and tonic and then you join in with the games.